Tea Pack Configuration Of A Shark Draining Red Tea

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Drinking tea has lost a portion of the energy since it’s no more dispatched a thousand miles by a pack of braveheart mariners who hazard their lives for your morning delight. Be that as it may, not to stress, DaiSho Fisheries organization is attempting to take the fervor back to tea drinking with a marvelous shark tea sack outline.

The thought is that the paper shark is swimming in the water while seeping out red tea. Sounds abhorrent? It would seem that it as well.

The organization is attempting to get their thought into the mass business sector through a crowdfunding effort on Makauke, so on the off chance that you need to flavor up your morning tea, you comprehend what to do next.

More info: makauke (h/t: laughingsquid / demilked)



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See it in a video: